How use ISO 9001 2000 to 
a Process Oriented QMS

ISO 9001 2000 is OBSOLETE. Please see ISO 9001 2015.

If you don't have a quality management system (QMS) or you're not happy
with the one you've got, you've come to the right place. We've developed
ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System Development Plan that
you can use to develop your own quality management system.

Our QMS Development Plan uses a process approach. We use
a process approach, not only because it makes good sense to do so,
but also because ISO made it mandatory. Clause 4.1 of ISO 9001 2000
makes it clear that organizations must identify and manage the
processes that make up their quality management systems.

The process approach is a management strategy. When managers
use a process approach, it means that they manage the processes that
make up their organization, the interaction between these processes,
and the inputs and outputs that glue these processes together.

Since the process approach is now central to ISO's methodology,
we have tried to identify all the processes that make up a complete
ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System. As the following
list shows, we've identified 22 QMS processes:

  1. Quality Management Process
  2. Resource Management Process
  3. Regulatory Research Process
  4. Market Research Process
  5. Product Design Process
  6. Purchasing Process
  7. Production Process
  8. Service Provision Process
  9. Product Protection Process
  10. Customer Needs Assessment Process
  11. Customer Communications Process
  12. Internal Communications Process
  13. Document Control Process
  14. Record Keeping Process
  15. Planning Process
  16. Training Process
  17. Internal Audit Process
  18. Management Review Process
  19. Monitoring and Measuring Process
  20. Nonconformance Management Process
  21. Continual Improvement Process
  22. General Systemic Process

We've developed a Process Development Plan for each one of the above
processes. By simply following each of these 22 Plans, you will end up with
a complete quality management system, one that meets all of the
ISO 9001 2000 requirements, and is process oriented as well.

Each of our 22 Process Development Plans is organized in the
same way. Each QMS Plan will show you how to:

  1. Design your process
  2. Document your process
  3. Implement your process
  4. Support your process
  5. Monitor your process
  6. Control your process
  7. Improve your process

We've designed our QMS Development Plan so that you can assign Process
Development Plans to many different teams. If you spread the work out over
several teams or departments, you'll get the participation you need, and
you'll get the job done a lot faster. Assign the Product Design Process
Development Plan to your design and development people, your
Production Process Development Plan to your production department,
your Purchasing Process Development Plan to your purchasing
department, your Quality Management Process Development
Plan to your management people, and so on for each Plan.

Also check out our NEW ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management Library.

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