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                              Influences Plant Therapy for Pain
                              Diets How to Fight Ageing
                              Foods Plant Therapy for Cancer
                              Drinks Plant Therapy for Obesity
Dangerous Beliefs Plant Therapy for Diabetes
                        Policies Plant Therapy for Eye Disease
                        Practices Plant Therapy for Skin Disease
Plant Power Diets Plant Therapy for Lung Disease
Beginner's Diet Plant Therapy for Liver Disease
Dr. Fuhrman's Diet Plant Therapy for Bone Disease
Dr. McDougall's
                        Diet How to Fight Inflammation
Dr. Campbell's
                        Diet How to
                        Fight Heart Disease
Dr. Greger's Diet Plant Therapy for Mental Illness
Foods Plant Therapy for Bowel Disease
 Beans Plant Therapy for Dental Disease
Roots Plant Therapy for Kidney Disease
Grains Plant Therapy for Brain Disorders
Greens Plant Therapy for Infectious Disease
Starches Plant Therapy for Digestive Disorders
Crucifers Plant Therapy for Autoimmune Disease
Spices Plant Therapy for Women's Health Issues
Herbs Plant Therapy for Men's Health Issues
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